A guide to services

We have a wide range of professionals who are there to help and support you.


You will need to register with a GP - to find a GP in your area, use the NHS Choices Find Services System at: www.nhs.uk/servicedirectories Your GP can advise, give medicines and information on other services. You will need to make an appointment. After 6.30pm weekdays, at weekends and public holidays most services are covered by a GP out-of-hours service. Check with your local surgery.


Your local pharmacist can provide advice on most common health issues. They can suggest and dispense medicines and other health products. There are often pharmacists in supermarkets and many are open late. Visit www.nhs.uk where you can find the service locator that will help you find the pharmacy nearest to you. The local NHS operates a minor ailments scheme (Care at the Chemist) that you can access via your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies provide this service but if they don’t they can direct you to one that does. You can see your local pharmacist for a confidential consultation for a wide range of ailments including coughs, colds, sore throats, pain and temperature and lots more. Any medicine dispensed is free if you do not pay for your prescriptions.

Sexual Health Services

Our Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics offer confidential advice, all methods of contraception including free condoms, pregnancy testing, advice on unplanned pregnancy, chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing and treatment. All are free of charge. www.swish.nhs.uk


Teachers and tutors can be great people to talk to. If they cannot help they will be able to point you in the right direction.

School nurse

School nurses are registered nurses who have professional experience in supporting the health needs of all school aged children. The School Nursing Team works with parents, carers and children and young people of school age to provide confidential advice and support on issues such as sexual health, emotional health, physical health and long-term condition management.


It is really important that you visit your dentist twice a year and take care of your teeth and mouth daily.